What Horse Clothing Does My Horse Need This Fall? A Helpful Guide

What Horse Clothing Does My Horse Need This Fall? A Helpful Guide

By: Stacy Bromley Cheetham, MPA

Have you noticed a chill in the air at night? Summer is almost over and the fall weather is coming. Do you know what horse clothing horses should be wearing and when? Intrepid International is a great resource for your tack shop and your staff when selecting merchandise.  Included below are some handy checklists to help you with all of these needs, for both pleasure and showing clients. Feel free to print out and keep handy.

What your horse should have at home, in the barn:

Intrepid International Brown Plaid Day Sheet

  • A stable blanket: many owners prefer to have both a medium and a heavy weight blanket and this is entirely dependent upon how often you can have the blankets changed and what the available fill options are. These blankets are breathable but are not for turnout. One option is this heavy weight Snuggie Horse Stable Blanket.

Intrepid International Snuggie Horse Stable Blanket

  • You will also want to have an Irish knit anti-sweat sheet like this model from High Spirit and a cotton blend and/or wool cooler in the barn for warming up and cooling off on cold days. A High Spirit Quarter Sheet can also be helpful for keeping hindquarters warm while working in the cold.

High Spirit Irish Knit Anti-Sweat Sheet


High Spirit Quarter Sheet

What your horse should have at home, for turnout:

  • A turnout sheet: this does not have any fill in it, is waterproof and heavy duty. The outer layer will vary in durability (denier) and the higher the denier, the more durable the material. If you have a horse that plays hard, you will want to opt for a higher denier blanket. One choice for you is this Intrepid International Free Runner Turnout Sheet.

Free Runner Turnout Rain Sheet


Exselle Prima Blanket


Intrepid International KoziMax Mid Neck Turnout Blanket


North Wind Supreme Turnout Blanket

What your horse needs at an away show:

  • A stable sheet, either cotton as above or nylon, like the High Spirit Circuit Nylon Sheet. Some people prefer the nylon sheets as it keeps the coat lying flat and shiny for showing.

High Spirit Circuit Nylon Sheet

  • An Irish knit anti-sweat sheet, as mentioned prior. Many people monogram theirs and customize them in their barn colors.
  • A wool cooler for chilly mornings. A nice option is the High Spirit Plaid Wool Cooler. Coolers come both in fitted and in large, unfitted squares.

High Spirit Plaid Wool Cooler

  • For winter shows, you should also have a stable blanket for your horse.
  • For spring and summer shows, you should also have a fly scrim sheet to keep the flies off of your horse.

A helpful temperature guide for blanketing your horse:

Average Temp (F) Average Winter Coat Clipped Horse
60 Nothing Nothing or light sheet if rain/wind
50 Nothing sheet
40 Light sheet Medium
30 Light to medium turnout Medium with neck cover
20 Medium w/ high neck Heavy with neck cover
10 Medium/heavy with neck Heavy with neck/double blanket
Below 0 Heavy with neck Double blanket with neck cover