We've Got You Covered- Everything You Need To Know About Horse Blankets

We’ve Got You Covered- Everything You Need To Know About Horse Blankets

Blanket season is upon us and with so many variations and options on the market, how do you know what blanket is the best for your best friend? How can you ensure proper warmth and fit? We will try to help you determine what blanket is optimal for your personal needs, climate and, of course, your best friend’s comfort.

Major factors to consider when choosing a blanket are quality, your horse’s age, density of how their coat grows, if they are clipped or not clipped and if they are kept inside in a stall or out in a pasture. First you must determine if you need a sheet, stable blanket and/or turnout blanket. This ultimately depends on the weather where you live. Lightweight sheets are ideal in warmer climates, as they offer minimal protection.  If your horse is subjected to a lot of rain and/or snow, you must provide them with thicker, waterproof blankets. Consider having a few different blanket options to choose from as your weather conditions change during the winter months.

Blankets come in different weights, the weight is based on the amount of insulation, aka “fill” it has. How much fill the blanket has will determine it’s warmth and is measured in grams; the higher the gram weight number is, the warmer the blanket should be. Light weight blankets have little or no fill, medium weight blankets have around 200 grams of fill and heavy weight blankets typically have more than 300 grams of fill.

A blanket’s outer shell also varies in strength and thickness. Denier (the strength of the blanket’s shell) is determined by the thickness of the thread, the higher the denier number is, the stronger the blanket will be. Denier strength starts at 210 (very light strength) 420 (light strength) 600 (medium strength) then  heavy strength varies from 1200 all the way up to 2100, which would be suitable for extremely cold winter climates.

A few great blankets of different varieties are highlighted below:

Exselle® Prima Turnout Blanket

Intrepid International

Exselle Prima Blanket in Raspberry with Black

  • Contoured top line that helps keep the blanket in place
  • Outside-Waterproof and breathable 600 denier rip stop material
  • Inside- 180 grams of Hollow fill insulation and a 190 denier nylon Exselle logo lining. All seams are welded and reinforced
  • Tail guard and adjustable leg straps included; Double closure at the chest and one surcingle
  • Fleece at withers to prevent rubbing
  • High shoulder gussets allow freedom of movement
  • Sizes: 68-98; Colors: Raspberry with Black, Red with Black, Emerald with Black, Lime with Black, Purple with Black and Royal Blue with Black

Exselle® North Wind Supreme Turnout Blanket

Intrepid International

Exselle North Wind Supreme Turnout Blanket

  • This powerhouse turnout blanket is lightweight weighing in at only 7 pounds
  • Outside: The outer shell is made of a rip stop, waterproof, breathable 1200 Denier super tough material
  • Inside: 300 grams of polyfill insulation with a satin-nylon liner in a weave material
  • Comes with shoulder gussets for freedom of movement, wither fleece protector, tail guard, adjustable and removable leg straps, double closure at the chest and low bias surcingle’s
  • This blanket features a non-slip design and no center seam to prevent leaks
  • Sizes: 56”-86”; Colors: Hunter Green with Navy Blue trim

Exselle® Fly Bye™ Fly Sheet 

Intrepid International

Exselle® Fly Bye™ Fly Sheet

  • Infused with EPA approved insect repellent to repel fleas, flies, ticks and mosquitoes for up to 2 years (under normal conditions) or 25 cool water washings.
  • Non allergenic material
  • Non toxic to humans or animals
  • Lined shoulder and mane guard
  • Comes with removable neck protector
  • Sizes: 66”-84”; Color: Silver with Navy Blue Trim

KoziMax Mid Neck Turnout Blanket

Kozi Max Turnout Blanket

  • 1000 Denier Exterior
  • Duramax nylon shell with 200 grams hollow fill
  • Navy with cream reflective binding
  • Three surcingles for a secure and balanced closure
  • Double buckle chest
  • Deep drop gives full protection from mud and elements while at turnout
  • Shoulder gussets as well as openings at front and hind leg locations allow for greater freedom of movement
  • Sizes 68 to 84 in 2 inch increments.

Proper fit is as important as proper protection.  How do you know to determine your horse’s correct blanket size?

Good Fit: A blanket that fits well will not be too tight or loose in any one area. Most blankets have many adjustable elements, but the length must be correct. The blanket should cover your horse from withers to tail without too much overhang, and without pulling in any section.

Too Large: A blanket that is too big for your horse can move around on his body, causing a potentially unsafe situation if he steps on it or gets his leg caught in a strap. A loose blanket is also less effective at keeping out winter weather.

Too Small: If your horse has a blanket that is too small, it may leave some parts of his body exposed to the elements. Tight-fitting sections can also rub out his hair or lead to sores. A small blanket will also restrict your horse’s movement, making it more difficult for him to run or walk through deep snow. (Courtesy of HorseChannel)

Just Right:

  1. Make sure your horse is on a flat surface and standing as square as possible.
  2. Grab a flexible tape measure and place one end of your tape measure at the center of the horse’s chest, over the high point of the shoulder.
  3. Hold the tape measure in place and run it alongside the horse’s body until you reach the rear of the hind leg. It’s best to have a someone to help you with this part.
  4. Your total measurement in inches should equal a blanket size.
  5. If not, simply round up to the next available size.

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