Welcome To The Dreaded Fly Season

Welcome To The Dreaded Fly Season

By Lindsey Walczak

Summer is quickly approaching and while that means horse shows and plenty of daylight for those long evening rides, it also means the dreaded fly season is upon us!

If you live in the south like me you’ve been dealing with summer temps and pesky insects for several weeks now. I’m convinced Atticus, my OTTB, is the most fly sensitive creature on the planet. Last summer during a photo shoot I warned the photographer he hated bugs, but I’ll do anything for a good photo. Somehow we ended up between the electric fence and the woods when a horse fly landed on him. Between the bucking and the rearing we all somehow survived, but it was certainly memorable. Perhaps you can relate. 

Over the years, Atticus’ sensitive nature has had me looking into fly management of every variety. Even if you don’t have a horse as sensitive as mine, keeping our equines comfy and fly free during these warmer months is definitely a priority, which is why I want to share some of my favorite fly management products with you:

Charlie Bug-Off Shield Fly Mask with Ears

Charlie Bug-Off Shield Fly Mask– A good fly mask is a must. I love this one because the entire mask is completely see-through. Even if your horse tries to rub it off you don’t have to worry about them having an obstructed view.

Clear Choice Natural Fly Spray– If you’re like me, you lean toward a more natural fly spray without all of the harsh chemicals. This one is for you! You can also use it on your dog!

Exselle Fly Whisk

Exselle Fly Whisk– Handmade in England, this whisk is super handy for keeping flies off your horse (and yourself) while riding. It’s like having your own hand held horse tail. Your horse will thank you! 

Fly Bye Fly Sheet– Probably the most important part of executing a good fly protection plan is a high quality fly sheet. The cheap ones get ripped so easily and don’t even last a full season. I’ve found investing in a higher quality better covering one like this sheet really makes a huge difference. Neck and belly protection are a must for Atticus.

TailWrap Tail Braid

Tailwrap Tail Braid– This tail wrap is great for those who show but don’t want their horse to be defenseless against flies while using it. The end has strips of fleece that act like a tail allowing your horse to still swish and combat bugs while still keeping their tail clean and protected. 

Fly Traps- One of the quickest ways to kill flies is to simply hang fly traps in and around your barn. There are disposable and reusable ones; allowing you to select what works best for you. Regardless, this is one of the most inexpensive methods to getting flies under control. You can even try this frugal option and make your own traps.

Here’s to a great and hopefully bug free summer!