How to Properly Protect Yourself & Stay Cool in the Hot Summer Sun

How to Properly Protect Yourself & Stay Cool in the Hot Summer Sun

By Ariana Curcio

This summer is one of the hottest summers on record. Pair that with the dangers of the sun and any equestrian will tell you that sun protection is on the top of their list of daily concerns. You can take obvious measures, but what about the extra steps you can take to really protect yourself? We’ve compiled a list to help you stay protected and cool while doing your favorite thing!

The obvious place to start would be to wear plenty of sunscreen, but not just any sunscreen, a sunscreen that is designed for sports is ideal for a hard day of training. It can endure the heaviest sweat and lasts the longest. We like Thinksport not only for it’s performance value, but because it is chemical free, paraben free & not tested on animals to name a few of it’s many feel good properties.

So what do you do when the sunscreen wears off but you are mid jump? Ensure that you are backed up on sun protection, of course! Let’s start with your head. Wearing an EquiVisor on or off your helmet is a great alternative to sliding sunglasses, squinting or risking sunscreen fade. EquiVisor’s stay put on even the highest of jumps and fastest of gallops thanks to their patented silicone band. They attach easily to head or helmet, come in many colors to match any #ROOTD and the 4″ brim does not obstruct any views.

Isabelle Bright models the EquiVisor

Hands display the first signs of aging, even before your face. If you begin protection at an early age you can sustain youthful looking hands. But, who wants to wear gloves in intense heat? The second you can, you are ripping them off to cool down. A cooling glove like these bamboo gloves by Bellingham will keep hands feeling cool all day long.

Keeping your feet cool in tall boots is quite the feat, but these boot socks by CoolMax can help. The unique polyester-based material keeps feet dry and cool when they get hot.

Summer is an amazing time of year for any equestrian, between horse shows and time off to be at the barn. Make sure to protect yourself, stay cool and have fun! What are some of your favorite sun protection or cooling tips? Share them in the comments below.

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