Popsicle Recipe to Help Fight Dehydration

Popsicle Recipe to Help Fight Dehydration

By Kelly Sheehan
The intense heat of summer is often considered the primary cause of dehydration, but in reality horses are at risk of dehydration year-round. While summer can contribute to loss of water due to sweating, winter plays its own role with frozen water sources and the temperature of water available often-limiting intake. A great way to fight dehydration is to provide interesting treats in preferred flavors, like this Horse Quencher popsicle recipe. These treats are great for beating the summer heat, but can also be sprinkled with loose salt to promote drinking in the winter months. (Loose salt will make the treat melt faster, so it may be best to serve it in a bucket, feed pan, or on top of grain).


Although typical plastic popsicle molds will work nicely for this popsicle recipe you can also use plastic cups or disposable paper cups that can be peeled from the frozen popsicles before serving. One of the more creative molds to use is a loaf pan. The popsicle “loaf” can be put out for a group or divided up to serve to several horses at once. Be sure that whatever containers you plan to use will hold at least ½ gallon of water and are suitable for the freezer.

Heavier materials in the Horse Quencher will settle while freezing, the preferred grains will be at the top of most popsicle molds. By using cups or a loaf pan, the popsicle can be flipped over another time to keep the heavier grains on the bottom and keep the horses interested until the entire treat is consumed, ensuring increased hydration.


Popsicle Recipe:
You will need:
1 individual serving packet (or 1 scoop) of Horse Quencher
9 x 5 x 3in loaf pan (or any other containers that will hold ½ gallon of liquid)
8 cups (1/2 gal) water
Bucket (for mixing)
First, mix the ½ gallon of water and the single serving of Horse Quencher in the bucket. Stir well and let it sit for at least 2 minutes. The Horse Quencher can sit for up to 6 hours to increase the flavor of the water.
Once the Horse Quencher mix is ready, stir it again to mix up products that have settled and scoop into mold or pan and place into the freezer. Refrain from using popsicle sticks (not recommended due to chewing risk.) Allow the popsicle recipe to continue to freeze until they are solid, at least 2-3 hours. When you are ready to serve them run the bottom of the loaf pan under very hot water for a few seconds and the loaf will slide out into a feed pan or bucket. Flip it over to keep the heavier Horse Quencher products on the bottom to encourage consumption. Smaller containers (i.e., paper cups) may freeze in less time and are done when the bottom of the cup is no longer slushy. Peel off the cup to ‘serve.’

This popsicle recipe can be made with any of the four flavors of Horse Quencher.
Happy Hydrating!