Kylie Heitman-Model Student in the Saddle and at the Laboratory: 2KGrey Ambassador

Kylie is in her third year at Albion College where she is majoring in biology with hopes of attending a graduate school for veterinary medicine, biomedical research, or equine physiology. She grew up riding horses at summer camp, which developed into weekly lessons, a lease, and eventually her first horse, Champ– an Arabian with whom she trained and showed through 3rd level dressage. Throughout that partnership she met Lendon Gray who sling-shotted her into the “real” world of dressage and provided her with riding, working student, and training opportunities. Before Kylie started her undergraduate student career at Albion College, she decided to sell Champ to see what life was like with out a horse…needless to say it did not last very long before Kylie found her next dressage partner Lena, a chestnut Hanoverian mare. A year after acquiring Lena, she decided to take a semester off of college and head south to participate in the unmounted Winter Intensive Training (WIT) program with Lendon Gray and to train with Jacquie Brooks. When she isn’t at the barn training or in the library studying, you can find her participating in a variety of on campus activities and clubs including a feminist organization, molecular and biochemistry club, and the national service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega.

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Favorite Intrepid Product: 2KGrey

Many of my daily activities require multiple outfit changes; all activities ranging from working out, going to class, riding, studying, and sleeping typically require me to change outfits so I don’t look like a fish out of water in each environment. 2KGrey is one piece of my wardrobe that makes my life simpler, comfortable, and stylish (and so sparkly) as I can wear these breeches as jeans, riding pants, yoga pants, and even pajama pants!- Kylie Heitman