Horse Quencher Ambassadors Share Their Best Barn Hacks

Horse Quencher Ambassadors Share Their Best Barn Hacks

By Ariana Curcio

We at Horse Quencher love anything that just like our product, makes our equestrian life easier. So we picked the brains of our illustrious ambassadors to find out what makes their lives easier? What saves them time or helps them be the best equestrians that they can be?

Chester Weber

Horse Quencher Ambassador

Chester Weber

Chester is the United States most celebrated combined driver, he has earned numerous accolades and prestigious recognition for his accomplishments throughout the world. He started driving competitively at a young age, at 18 years old, Chester was the youngest driver to be named to the United States Equestrian Team for the World Pairs Driving Championships in Beesd, the Netherlands. Then in 2008, Chester made history by becoming the first American to win an Individual Silver Medal in the Four-in-Hand FEI World Driving Championships. He won Englands Royal Windsor CAI3* two consecutive years, and receiving a personal congratulations from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Chester has three World Equestrian Games silver medals, 14 U.S. Equestrian Federation Four-in-Hand National Champion titles, and the number one slot on the FEI world rankings.

Chester’s hack:

“Baby wipes are great as a multi-purpose barn hack. Team Weber uses them on the horses’ blazes to get them sparkling clean. We also use them on the horses for quick last-minute touch-ups and clean up when the team is preparing for competition.”

Stephen Bradley

Horse Quencher Ambassador

Stephen Bradley

Stephen is one of the most recognized Eventers in the world, holding titles shared by only a select group of American riders. This Olympian won England’s prestigious Land Rover Burghley CCI4*, becoming one of only two Americans to do so. Stephen also won Canada’s Checkmate International CCI3* an unprecedented three times in a row. He is a two-time Pan American Games Gold medalist and was named Equestrian Athlete of the Year by the U.S. Olympic Committee. He is a Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event Champion, and Stephen has been named to one U.S. Olympic team, one World Equestrian Games (WEG) team, and has been short listed for 3 out of 5 U.S. World Equestrian Games teams, and 4 out of 5 U.S. Olympic teams.

 Stephen’s hack:

“Always keep a few pop-up laundry baskets in your trailer dressing room. While you’re making your way through a show day have three baskets set up for dirty equipment: horse clothes, horse boots and human clothes. Then at the end of the day, the horse baskets can go to the barn to be cleaned there, while the human clothes can go home to your laundry room. You can get the pop-up laundry baskets at the dollar store or Amazon Prime, so it’s not a huge investment for making your show day a little more organized.”


Jordan currently owns two horses, California Dreamer (aka Cali) a Westphalian Hanoverian cross who is her current jumper in which she competes on the B circuit with.  Cali and Jordan plan to move to the A circuit in Fall 2017/Winter 2018. She also owns a 2 year old Trakehner Hanoverian filly Decadence (aka Cadence) who is now making her appearance at A shows  in the “young stock” classes and will continue in the A circuit when she goes with Cali.

Jordan’s hack:

“This is sort of a hack, but I like to keep everything cased, my helmets, open front boots, saddle, half pad, bridles, ect. It keeps everything cleaner and neat and helps avoid scratching. It takes a few extra seconds to tack up and put away  but is well worth it when your stuff is kept nice! Also I keep my locker organized with plastic drawers. I have the top drawer with bonnets, the bottom two with polo wraps, and standing wraps. Then switch out my stuff as needed. Keeps everything much more organized and easier to find!”

Horse Quencher equine hydration

Marselle Mitchell

Marselle has been riding horses for almost 9 years now and it’s her absolute passion! She mainly rides dressage, but has dabbled in a little bit of jumping and is proud to say that she can even ride in a western saddle from time to time.

Marselle’s Hack:

“I think the one thing I do to save time is vacuum my horse with our horse vacuum and then brush them off quickly before I ride. They love it and it saves me a ton of time! I also use it as a desensitizer for my young horses.”

Lucia & Benita are sisters that share their passion.  After college Lucia decided to dedicate her time to fully pursuing Eventing and has since joined forces with her sister, Benita, to form Plain Dealing Farm Eventing, which is based out of their family’s farm in Scottsville, Virginia. Lucia and Benita are excited to focus on producing and competing their talented string of horses and are thankful to have the support of their parents and team.

Lucia & Benita’s hacks:
” – You can put pantyhose over braids and secure with rubber bands, when it’s too hot to use jammies, to keep them neat
– Boot polish is great at covering scars on dark colored horses during horse shows
– Travel sized shampoo bottles work well for packing any liquid supplements (oils, etc) when travelling so that you don’t have to bring the large containers.
Stud Plugs can be used around the end of blanket surcingles to create a more snug fit. (Most blankets have them, but every once in awhile they disappear)
A few products that we keep on hand that have various uses:
  • Vaseline, Used at the corners of a horses mouth is great for preventing bit rubs. Or used on the heels when using hoof packing to prevent the packing from creeping up to the pastern and irritating the skin
  • Desitin, During the summer used as a sunscreen on white noses and on horses with sensitive pink skin on the back of their pasterns just above the heels to keep from burning or becoming irritated from moisture or used under bellboots when turned out.
  • Baby powder, Sprinkle inside cross country boots to reduce friction and prevent rubs”

Molly Johnson 

Horse Quencher ambassador

Molly Johnson

Moly has been riding since the age of 5 and now runs Horshoe Farm in Free Union, VA with a focus on Eventing and Foxhunting. She competes in Area II consistently on the weekends with her string of horses, most all of which are OTTBs. Molly has competed through the Preliminary level with a goal of competing at the Advanced level one day. She also is training to become a Whip for Farmington Hunt Club this upcoming season.

Molly’s hack:

“My barn hack, which is small but significant to me, is keeping a log/planning each horse’s training and fitness program. This small practice is one many trainers utilize but it is extremely important in staying organized and on the right track with each horse’s needs, especially when you have a larger number of horses in your program.”

Horse Quencher Ambassador

Tim Bourke

Growing up in Westport Co. Mayo, Ireland, Tim inherited his love for horses from his grandmother and spent his early childhood days developing his riding skills at her riding school, Knappa Beg Stables. Tim has established himself as a top rider and trainer. He was named to the Irish High Performance list and is focused on the development and future success of Bourke Eventing.

Tim’s hack:
“One “hack” that we love to use is packing cubes. It is a great way to keep trunks for competitions organized. We have one for cross country boots, bell boots etc, hardware etc. Something really simple, but makes a big difference in keeping everything organized!”

Michael Johnson

Michael has been involved with the horse industry since he was a kid, from Dressage, Jumpers, Arabian and Half Arabian show barns and breeding farms as well as riding/training barrel horses. He recently decided to focus on the Barrel Horse World and to make career out of it. He has been doing PEMF (Pulse Electro Magnetic Field) Therapy as a business for the past 6-years as well.

Michael’s hack:

“Something I do when it’s body clipping season is I always use a curry comb when bathing a horse in preparation for body clipping to get all the dirt and grime out of the coat.”

Of course our favorite hack is to always have plenty of Horse Quencher on hand to ensure our 4-legged pals are properly hydrated.  What are your favorite barn hacks? Share your favorites in the comments below.

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