Get to Know Jennifer Sims, the Wildly Popular "Styled Equestrian"

Get to Know Jennifer Sims, the Wildly Popular “Styled Equestrian”

By Shannon Fox

With over 30K followers on Instagram it is safe to say that Jennifer Sims, the Styled Equestrian is one of the biggest names in equestrian fashion. With her barn ready outfits, bright smile, sunny personality and serious riding skills it is no wonder The Styled Equestrian has made a mark on the horse community. Jennifer is also a 2KGrey sponsored rider and we sat down with her to find out what it’s like to be running one of the most popular Instagram accounts, modeling equestrian clothing, cleaning up in the show ring and still finding time to be a mother and wife.


Jennifer Sims, Ready to Compete in Her 2kGrey Pas Op Riding Knee Patch Breeches

(Answers edited for clarity)

2KGREY: How do you do it all? You’re a competitive equestrian, a mother, a wife, a model, an equestrian fashion blogger, what don’t you do?

JENNIFER SIMS: Ha! Some days I ask myself the same question.  It helps that I have a super supportive husband.  Of course sometimes I will get stressed out from always being on the go, but I’ve always kind of lived that way.  I try to keep a balance, my trainer wishes I would go to a lot more horse shows, but I also have other things in my life that I love and that mean a lot to me.

2KGREY: Take us through a day in the life of the Styled Equestrian.

JS: I wake up at 6am and get my daughter Hannah off to school with a packed lunch.  Then I go straight to the barn to ride two horses for about an hour and a half to two hours.  I’ll work a little on the Styled Equestrian followed by answering emails and returning phone calls, along with the boring domestic stuff like laundry and grocery shopping.  Then I pick up Hannah from school at 2:30 and bring her to the barn for her riding lesson.  Then back home to make dinner and shower and get ready to do it all over again the next day.  Needless to say I usually pass out around 10pm.

2KGREY: How many days a week do you ride?

JS: 6 days a week, 2 horses each day.

2KGREY: Which came first? The modeling or the riding?

JS: Modeling, I always loved horses but didn’t really start horseback riding a lot until I started making my own money modeling.  Levis jeans paid for my first horse!

2KGREY: How did you get started blogging about equestrian fashion?

JS: I just thought it would be fun to start posting riding outfit pictures to Instagram.  I enjoy working with the brands and promoting products. I’ve met so many cool people who share this same passion.

2KGREY: What do you love about being an equestrian fashion blogger?

JS: I’m not going to lie, the free stuff is amazing!  I have never had this many clothes in my life.  I also really enjoy the feedback and all of the new friendships I have made through this venture.

2KGREY: You rode as a stunt double for Katherine Heigl in the upcoming movie, Unforgettable. Two of your horses are also in the movie, what was that experience like?

JS: It was super cool!  Because I have modeled for so long, I am comfortable in front of the camera.  It was fun to be able to jump in front of a film crew and know that this will be on the big screen one day.  I was really proud of my horses for not losing it with all of the cameras, lighting and crew.  They’re not movie horses, so this was a big first for them.

2KGREY: Any other unique opportunities that have come about because of your blogging career?

JS: Yes, a few paid modeling jobs for equestrian brands and catalogs and an exciting new announcement that I can’t share quite yet, but is going to be pretty rad.

2KGREY: How would you describe your equestrian style in three words?

JS: Classic, creative and fun!!

Jennifer Sims and Rocket, Photographed by Ashleigh Magnus

Jennifer Sims and Rocket, Photographed by Ashleigh Magnus

2KGREY: Favorite colors?

JS: Navy blue, white, black and grey.

2KGREY: How do you come up with your riding outfits, both around the barn and at shows? What do you look for in great horse riding clothes?

JS: So much of it depends on my mood, if I’m feeling super casual or really girly.  I usually decide on one piece and build an outfit around that piece. I look for a good fit and nice material in great equestrian clothes. It’s got to feel good as well as look good.

2KGREY: What do you love about 2kGrey breeches? What are your favorite styles?

JS: I love the denim material.  They are super comfortable and very flattering.  I love that they are actually long enough for me, as often times breeches run a little short for my legs. I wore my white denim Pas Op competing at the Masters last year and got so many compliments on them. Those are my favorite. They have a purple design on the pocket with the right amount of flair.

2KGREY: Ok, enough fashion talk. Tell us about your horses!

JS: Rocket is my 12-year-old Dutch Warmblood.  He’s got a lot of spunk and can be pretty spooky, but when he’s good, he’s really good and I’ve earned a lot of blues and championships on him.  He’s super fast and handy.  Summer is actually my friend’s horse, she is amazing.  She has given me a lot of confidence and is just a sweet girl.

2KGREY: We’ve talked a lot about your fashion, what brands are your horses rocking?

JS: Dy’on, Voltaire, Horseware and Majyk Equipe.

2KGREY: Where is your barn located?

JS: South Pasadena, CA

2KGREY: What are some of your favorite horse shows?

JS: HITS Thermal, Logines Masters, Las Vegas National 

2KGREY: What are your goals? Both short-term and long-term when it comes to your horses and your career as a model and blogger.

JS: Eventually I’d like to be competing regularly in the 1.20s. I’m not in a rush, I want to do it correctly and with consistency. So many people try to rush through the divisions to get to the higher fences, but they aren’t doing it properly or safely.  They and their horses get injured. So I’m working hard at that. As for modeling, I just do it here and there for fun. It’s not something that I want to get back into full time, I did that for many years and got tired of the crazy long hours.

2KGREY: Your daughter, Hannah, is also a mini equestrian fashionista herself. What’s it like raising a daughter who shares so many of your passions?

JS: It’s amazing, thank you. She is such an awesome kid.  I feel so lucky to have her and her being into riding as much as I am is just icing on the cake.  It’s pretty incredible to get to do this together, it gives us a very special bond. It would’ve been my dream as a kid to get to share all of this with my mother. My husband always jokes about how he is surrounded by horse women. His mother also owns horses. So it’s in Hannah’s genes.


Hannah Sims Riding Rocket With Mom, Jennifer Sims

2KGREY: You have a lot of personal confidence that shines through in every post. How do you empower Hannah to feel confident in her own skin?

JS: I actually was not a confident kid or teen growing up at all. I always felt awkward and too tall and skinny. When I started modeling and maturing, it really boosted my confidence. I also surround myself with good people. With Hannah, I just try to be open and honest with her. I want her to always feel good about herself and to allow herself to make mistakes. No one is prefect, we all make mistakes. It’s how you handle those mistakes that makes the difference. Admitting them, forgiving yourself and moving on. I also give her the freedom to express her own style. She loves fashion and style, so this has given her a lot of confidence too.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Jennifer and The Styled Equestrian. You can see more of Jennifer’s expert equestrian fashion on Instagram via her handle @TheStyledEquestrian. And we wish Jennifer, Hannah and their horses much success in the show ring and beyond!

Steal the Styled Equestrian’s Style:

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