EquiVisor Ambassador- Isabelle Bright; Melasma No More

EquiVisor Ambassador- Isabelle Bright; Melasma No More

By Ariana Curcio
EquiVisor is pleased to introduce Isabelle Bright– our newest ambassador.  Isabelle was born and raised in Southern California.  She began riding at the young age of 4. Growing up she competed at numerous So Cal equestrian facilities including the Los Angeles Equestrian Center, Earl Warren Showgrounds and the Hansen Dam Equestrian Center. In college she participated in the IHSA all four years, becoming captain her senior year. In 2009 Isabelle started The Modern Equestrian blog, which was created with the intention of catering towards the fashionable and forward-thinking equestrian or equestrian enthusiast. She loves connecting with other equestrian influencers and spreading positivity amongst the equestrian community.  Isabelle currently works in the television industry in Los Angeles and continues to compete locally.

EquiVisor Ambassador Isabelle Bright

Isabelle on how EquiVisor has changed her life:
“A few years ago I started to notice a drastic change to my skin. Large patches of brown pigment were popping up under my eyes, on my forehead, and above my eyebrows. As someone who was rather diligent when it came to taking care of my skin with products, sunscreen and hats, I was absolutely devastated to find out that the condition I was experiencing was hormonal and wouldn’t be easy to get under control. What I have is called Melasma and even the slightest amount of sun exposure can cause the spots on my skin to darken. I was lathering on sunscreen and always had a hat on, but I wasn’t getting the coverage I needed while riding. That’s when I saw the EquiVisor and immediately knew I had to have it. Not only does it provide substantial protection from the sun, but I notice a significant difference in my overall temperature when riding on hotter days. I wear my EquiVisor anytime I’m in the saddle, even on cloudy days, and the spots on my face have noticeably lightened. I’m very lucky to have discovered EquiVisor when I did, as it’s played a crucial role in the recovery of my skin and feeling myself again.”

Welcome Isabelle to the EquiVisor family. Follow Isabelle’s blog here, her Instagram here and Facebook here.

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