A Hydrated Horse Is A Happy Horse


Horse Quencher knows the importance of keeping your horse hydrated. Being hydrated is key to keeping your horse happy and healthy. But how else can you tell if your horse is happy? Horses don’t smile like humans or wag their tails like dogs, but they do display other behaviors.


Eyes are the windows to the soul- Take a look at your horse’s eyes. An open alert eye that seems to be making eye contact with you is a good sign.


Take a breath- Open nostrils are a sign that your horse is happy. A pinched nostril can mean that the horse is in distress.


Playing favorites- If your horse is favoring one leg or doesn’t seem to be putting weight on a particular leg, you may want to check the shoe and leg. Your horse could be in discomfort.


Lazy Sunday or everyday?- Its one thing to be relaxed on a hot afternoon and quite another if you experience lethargy in your horse on a daily basis. If your horse avoids interaction and has their head down more than usual, it might be lethargic.


Hay is for horses- Is your horse’s feeder full? A full feeder or water tank could mean your horse is not eating because they are unhappy. Be sure to check regularly and monitor intake. Remember, Horse Quencher can always help keep your horse hydrated!