A DAY IN THE LIFE; By Lyndsey Walczak- The Queen City Equestrian

A DAY IN THE LIFE; By Lyndsey Walczak- The Queen City Equestrian

As part of an ongoing series, 2KGrey asks ambassadors to record a day in their lives. They will share their ups & downs, challenges & achievements and daily duties in their lives as equestrians. This week Lindsey Walczak aka Queen City Equestrian, 32, Property Manager.

As a proud adult amateur, I live on my mini farm in Charlotte, NC (aka The Queen City) with my husband, two dogs, two cats and two horses. By day, I work at a corporate office in the city for the sole purpose of continuing to fund my equestrian lifestyle. Sound familiar?

5:45 am: My alarm goes off, but let’s be honest- I hit snooze at least once.

6:00 am: I never overthink my outfit first thing in the morning; my 2KGrey breeches+ a tee are my go to for a busy Saturday. I get up and take the dogs out. I have two Australian Shepherds named Hannah and Hallie.

Lindsey in her uniform of 2KGrey Horseshoe breeches and a tee

6:15 am: Bring the dogs in and get them fed for the morning; while they are eating I prepare Atticus’ breakfast. Atticus is my 16.2 big bodied off the track Thoroughbred. He’s actually a fairly easy keeper, but his feed involves some soaking.

6:45 am: Head out the back door where only a short 250 feet my barn and horses are located. They’re truly in my backyard and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I get the horses and barn cats fed and complete morning chores. I’ve already mentioned Atticus, but my other “horse” (technically a pony, but we don’t tell him that) is a Haflinger/Fjord cross named Porky. My two black barn cats are named Malmo and Nora after two cities in Sweden, one of my absolute favorite countries I’ve had the pleasure of visiting.

8:00 am: Get in the truck with my dogs and drive to get a load of hay. I don’t have time for a sit down breakfast so I’ll usually grab a protein bar or shake as I’m out and about in the morning.

9:00 am: Arrive at the farm where I get the hay loaded in the trailer and head back home.

12:00 pm: Lunch break! Living literally 15 minutes from uptown Charlotte I’m lucky enough to have tons of amazing restaurants to choose from. On a Saturday like today I’ll usually order from a local Thai or Mexican restaurant #ubereatsismyfriend.

1:00 pm: Afternoon riding and mini photo sesh (I love sharing my riding outfits on Instagram so taking photos often is a must!) I’ll have my husband take photos of me or have a professional shoot, but if that’s not an option I’ll set up my tripod and do a little DIY.

I get Atticus out first because he tends to get jealous if he is ridden second. He gets a good grooming before we tack up and start our ride. Lately we’ve been focusing on our flat work.

2:30 pm: Next, I ride Porky. I originally purchased him as a companion but he’s actually quite fun to ride as well! He absolutely loves to jump.

Lindsey & Porky

3:45 pm: Head to the gym to work out, as if riding isn’t enough, I like to combine weight training and cardio. Us equestrians have to stay in shape!

5:00 pm:Evening chores and getting the whole crew fed

5:30 pm: Shower and get ready for the evening. I’m still wearing my 2kGrey’s 🙂 this time I’ve paired them with a Gray & Co. Designs tee and my birkenstock sandals

Lindsey with her dad & stepmom

6:00 pm: My Dad and my Step Mom are in town visiting from Pennsylvania so of course I take them to Tryon International Equestrian Centerto watch the Saturday Night Lights Grand Prix! We all load up in the truck and head to the venue.

7:00 pm: We arrive at TIEC and have a great meal at Campagna to start the evening off right.

8:00 pm: After a little shopping, we take our seats to watch the Grand Prix

10:00 pm: We head home after a lovely evening, check the horses before going to bed around 11:30.

There was a time in my life during college that I didn’t have horses and therefore didn’t ride as much. I’ve vowed to never allow that to happen again! Horses = my happy place.  Saturday is a day off from my full time job, it’s always a busy day for the equestrian side of my life but I love every minute of it!