A DAY IN THE LIFE; By Briana Williams- The Blushing Bride

A DAY IN THE LIFE; By Briana Williams- The Blushing Bride

As part of a ongoing series, 2KGrey asks ambassadors to record a day in their lives. They will share their ups & downs, challenges & achievements and daily duties in their lives as equestrians. This week Briana Williams, 31, a full time dressage trainer, mom & army wife balancing it all.

I started riding at 5 years old. From that point I always knew I would have something to do with horses in my life. However, I had no idea that over 25 years later they would be quite as impactful as they are and that I would be a full time dressage trainer.

0600– My first of many alarms goes off. It will go off every 5 minutes for the next half-hour in the loudest most annoying tone possible.

0630– Finally drag myself out of bed kicking and screaming and head down the hall to my daughter’s room to drag her out of bed.

0700– We head out the door at warp speed. I’m dressed in my favorite 2KGrey breeches, the WOW’s and my first of 3 collared shirts for the day. My daughter, Hailey has her 2KGrey Patriot breeches on with a cute top for school.

0710– Drop off Hailey at school and head out to the barn to start my day.

0800– I arrive at Hidden Valor Farm where Briana Williams Dressage is based out of. My assistant trainer, Tyler Hornbeck, has our first set of the day ready to go. We start the day off with Constantine, Tyler’s horse, and Captain, a young training horse. Constantine is recovering from a soft tissue injury so at this point he is just walking for 20 minutes under saddle. Captain is a very talented but green youngster who was out of work for almost a year and just starting back into work so they’re a great pair to work together since they both only work for 20-30 minutes at this point.

0900– Next up is one of my all time favorite horses, Brandon RF. He’s an oldenburg stallion owned by Sarah Azbill of Winchester, KY and has been with me for over 3 years now so it’s safe to say he’s one of my special kids. While I’m riding B, Tyler is going around the barn doing a quick once over and hay/water check on everyone because as soon as he’s finished we’re off and running again.

1000– Tyler and I quickly jump in the car and head off into Fayetteville for my final wedding dress fitting since my wedding is in the final 2 week countdown. This is where my first shirt change comes into play. You’re welcome to everyone at the dress shop.

Briana is stable to street in her 2KGrey Wow Breeches

1030– We arrive for my final dress fitting and thankfully everything fits like a glove and my dress looks amazing. There isn’t much time for me to spend standing there in amazement that I am marrying the man of my dreams in less than 2 weeks. I can do that on my wedding day. Today, I’ve got a million things to do and the clock is ticking away.

1110– We arrive back to the barn in time for me to teach one of my students who trailers in weekly for her lessons and for Tyler to take another one of our training horses out into the front field and do some conditioning and cavaletti work with her.

1210– I head back across town to one of the other barns I ride and teach at. I have an absolutely amazing training ride on Melman, one of the super awesome up and comming horses I’m lucky enough to have in training right now.

1315– I swing back by our house to let the dogs out, grab a snack for Hailey and make myself a sandwich.

1400– Back at Hailey’s school to get in the afternoon pick up line early enough to avoid the chaos that occurs if you get there literally only 5 minutes later. I have almost 40 minutes to just sit in the car and wait so this is my window of time to check my email, return phone calls and play catch up.

1440– My mini-me sidekick is bouncing up and down excited to ride her horse so we head back out to HVF for her lesson with Tyler. She already has her 2KGrey breeches on, so she just quickly changes her top to a polo and is ready to ride.

1600– Hailey has a lesson on Queen of Spades her adorable friesian mare and I get to spend some time in proud mom mode. I love when I’m in the barn surrounded by what I love and some of my favorite people and I get to kick back and enjoy, especially watching Hailey work so hard at her passion which just so happens to be mine as well.

1700– Normally we’re getting ready to head home but today we have a very important stop to make along the way.

1800– Hailey and I both have our hair trial runs for the wedding and our hair exceeds both of our expectations.

Intrepid International

Briana doing hair trial fun

1900– We pull into the driveway at the same time as Jack, my soon-to-be husband, a Captain in the U.S. Army. Hailey barely lets the car come to a complete stop before she jumps out to give him a hug.

1915- Jack and I tag team cooking dinner for the night.

1945– We sit down and eat dinner. This may seem like a minor thing but it’s one of my favorite parts of the day. It’s really important to the 3 of us that we have this time together, it’s our chance to make sure we all stay connected as a family.

2030– Hailey heads off to bed and Jack and I head out to our front porch and enjoy a beer together. Not too long after this we both shower and collapse into bed to get up and do it all again the next day.

Between my roles as full time mom, Army wife & dressage trainer, especially with me having Lupus that I constantly have to monitor as well as planning a wedding life is just crazy. However, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Yes, my plate is very full but my heart is even more full.

Briana, Jack & Hailey on their wedding day