A DAY IN THE LIFE; By Alexa Derr- It's All About Balance

A DAY IN THE LIFE; By Alexa Derr- It’s All About Balance

As part of a ongoing series, 2KGrey asks ambassadors to record a day in their lives. They will share their ups & downs, challenges & achievements and daily duties in their lives as equestrians.  This week Alexa Derr, 23 year-old Dressage rider & trainer from Reinholds, Pennsylvania who is focused on growing her business and developing her next horse for FEI Levels while working for the family business.

Intrepid International Ambassador

Alexa and Her Beloved Versace

Between being a full-time advancement manager & a part-time dressage queen, balancing work and training can be a huge challenge for me. I find that staying organized, being passionate about my careers and having a good support system makes the days go a bit smoother. My riding goals have slowed down a bit since I spent the past 6 years actively campaigning at the Young Rider, Small Tour and Grand Prix levels. I am now focused on growing my business, Vue de Lou Dressage LLC, getting Versace fit after the winter off (laid up from hoof issues) and developing my next horse for the FEI levels.

6:15 am: I wake up (after hitting the snooze a few too many times,) get dressed for work, pack gym clothes, make breakfast on the run and turn the horses out in the field. Thankfully, my dad takes care of feeding the horses breakfast on his way to work so I can have a few extra zzz’s!

7:45 am: A typical day at Berks Container Recovery: my day starts with checking inventory, making packing lists, and organizing the working yard.

8:30 am: Leave with the flatbed truck to pick up scrap materials from various machine shops in the area. Return, unload, weigh, and sort the picked up materials.

10:30 am: SNACK TIME!! Consisting of a Belvita chocolate chip protein bar or Kind Chewy Dark Chocolate granola bar (my new favorite)

10:35 am – 2:30/3 pm: Catch up on phone calls & emails, wait on customers, cut materials, load dumpsters with the skid loader and take care of any other project my Dad orchestrates while eating my meal-prepped, healthy lunch from home. Working hard, no matter the conditions, is simply what I love doing.

2:30/3 pm: Head to the gym; warm up on the treadmill or in the studio with a jump rope, venture around the gym mixing up my exercises with different machines, weights, bars and carts. Basically try to look like I know what I’m doing….Got to keep fit to be the best equestrian I can be!

3:30/3:45 pm: Homeward bound to Vue de Lou Dressage LLC to start the second half of my day.  Quick change into my Swirls or Horseshoe 2KGrey breeches so I can be comfortable while I clean stalls, drag the arena, ride my favorite dragon Versace, teach lessons and train client’s horses, bring horses in from the field and feed dinner.

7:45 pm: Dinner with my boyfriend 🙂

8:15 pm: I wish I could say at this hour I am all kinds of productive… but really I watch Netflix or read a book. By this point I am running out of steam.

9:30 pm: Night check for the horses. Give hay, prep grain, pick through stalls and give a once-over to make sure they are all “normal.”

10:00 pm: Take a shower and head to bed, I fall asleep almost instantly, what is this insomnia nonsense?  I am exhausted!

Alexa Hard at Work, Training in her 2KGrey Breeches at Vue de Lou Dressage LLC

I am still recovering from a car accident I was in last year which takes its toll on me if I push to much for too long so I cherish the “easy” days when they come. After working 6 days at the recycling center, I look forward to seeing friends on Saturdays and relaxing with my horses on Sundays. Chasing your dreams will always require sacrifice, but once you find the right balance of training, work and play, long days seem a little less daunting and much more empowering!